Iris Service

Iris is an intelligent virtual tutor integrated into the Artemis platform. It is designed to provide one-on-one programming assistance without human tutors. The core technology of Iris is based on Generative AI and Large Language Models, like OpenAI’s GPT.

Iris also powers other smart features in Artemis, like the automatic generation of descriptions for hints.

This section outlines how to set up IRIS in your own Artemis instance.


  • Ensure you have a running instance of Artemis.

  • Set up a running instance of Pyris. Refer to the Pyris Setup Guide for more information.

Enable the iris Spring profile:,localci,localvc,artemis,scheduling,buildagent,core,local,iris

Configure Pyris API Endpoints:

The Pyris service is running on a dedicated machine and is addressed via HTTP(s). We need to extend the configuration in the file src/main/resources/config/application-artemis.yml like so:

  # ...
      url: http://localhost:8000
      secret: abcdef12345

The secret can be any string. For more detailed instructions on how to set it up in Pyris, refer to the Pyris Setup Guide.